The Intelligence Is In The Key

TRACcess Is An Electronic Range of Locking And Key Storage Devices Powered by the TRACkey

TRACcess is made by GE (General Electric) and delivers access with a full audit trail using a range of secure key storage devices and a programmable TRACkey. TRACcess removes the need for master keys that can be misused or bunches of keys that are vulnerable to loss or theft. Every use of the lock or key is recorded and stored in a secure database behind your own password. The battery powered TRACkeys also provide the energy to operate the TRACcess Devices and can be programmed to allow access to specified devices or all of your devices.


TRAC-Tube is a high security intelligent storage device that holds keys and/or access cards.

TRACcess Manager

TRACcess Manager (TM) is the web based user interface for the TRACcess database. TM manages all of your data.. On TM you can:

  • Set up devices
  • Set up keys
  • Set access times
  • Generate access codes
  • Generate Reports

Monitoring Access

Using TM you can monitor access:

  • Building entry
  • Routine patrol visits
  • Engineer visit completion
  • Timed deliveries

You can also set up regular e-mail reports for you or for customers to advise of access that has occurred.

Access Control Products


TRAC-Vault is easy to install with minimal ongoing maintenance. This style of key vault can be wall mounted or flush mounted and can only be opened using the TRACkey. The TRAC-Vault is just one of the range of key vaults available.


TRACkey is the dynamic of the TRACcess system. It requires the users unique PIN code to unlock the vaults where access has been given. The key stores the data of each access transaction and transmits this to the TM server during refresh.


TRAC-Padlock unleashes the power of TRACcess beyond buildings and allows the same control over compounds, vehicles and remote security fences where traditionally access has been an expensive complicated and unreliable process.

Who Uses Traccess

TRACcess saves time and money

  • Engineer access to cell sites and sub-stations for telecom
  • Audited ATM access for banking
  • Retail for timed delivery access
  • Instant access for alarm response

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